NASA again postpones the first manned flight of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft to the ISS

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is once again experiencing problems that are preventing its first manned flight in

postponed once again. But it should still take place before the end of spring 2023.

What is known

As part of the Crew Flight Test mission, the ship of the companyBoeing has to make it to the International Space Station (ISS) with two crew members on board. The flight was scheduled for April, but recently it became known that it was postponed until May 2023. The delay is due to the need for additional tests of the manual control system.

National Aeronautics Administration andSpace Exploration Agency (NASA) noted that the launch of the Boeing Starliner to the ISS will take place after the tourist mission Axiom-2. At the same time, the space agency has not yet decided on the exact date of the Axiom-2 itself.

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If all goes according to plan, Boeing Starlinerwill carry astronauts Barry Wilmore and Sunita Williams to the ISS. They will spend about two weeks at the station. If the mission is completed successfully, Starliner will receive a certificate allowing regular flights.