NASA has chosen the winner of the competition for the construction of greenhouses on Mars

The project was presented at the BIG Idea Challenge competition for the development of Martian greenhouses, which annually

conducted by NASA and the US National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). Darmouth College senior students were one of five finalists in the competition.

The students' project was called Demeter.It involves the construction of a dome-shaped greenhouse on the Red Planet, in the upper part of which there is a reservoir with a nutrient solution. With the help of Martian gravity, the solution will be evenly distributed between trays with crops.

In the greenhouse it will be possible to grow cabbage, soy,sweet potatoes, potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, wheat and chufu (ground almonds), and the nutrient solution in it should be enough for 600 Earth days - so much, according to the conditions of the competition, the mission to Mars should last.

Earlier, NASA summed up the fourth stage3D-Printed Habitat Challenge contest, which participants must develop viable models of 3D printing houses in which colonists can live on Mars in the future.