NASA selected the best projects of the competition for the creation of 3D-printed houses on Mars. Look at them right now!

During the fourth stage of the competition, participants had to create fully-designed virtual

structures that would take into account the internal layout of buildings. At the same time, companies had to prove the viability of projects, taking into account the possibilities of 3D printing.

First place was taken by SEArch + / Apis Cor from New York. Her project looks like a complex of twisted towers with a large number of windows, which are penetrated by sunlight.

The team received $ 34 thousand to refine the concept and print the layout of the building.

Second place and $ 33.4 thousand got the Team Zoperhous from Arkansas. Engineers have proposed a method for printing their buildings with an autonomous rover, which will arrive on the Red Planet before people and create buildings for them.

The project is a complex of several residential modules that are united by a single system of corridors.

In third place with a prize of $ 32.6 is the Mars Incubator team from Connecticut.

The researchers created a deployable module with residential areas and a greenhouse for growing plants.

The last stage of the competition will be held on May 14 - teams will present small-scale 3D-printed models of their structures.