Neil Druckmann hinted that The Last of Us fans should expect new announcements on September 26th. This will happen on the day of the game, which is called “Outbreak Day”

Neil Druckmann, the author of The Last of Us series of games, hinted in a tweet that an announcement should be expected on September 26

new projects in the TLoU universe.Interestingly, this will happen on the official day of The Last of Us, which was called “Outbreak Day”, because in the first part of the game, on September 26, 2013, the fictional world of Naughty Dog died.

What else is known

There are several options for what can be announced.

New details of The Last of Us series from HBO Max.

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In general, HBO MAX plans to show a new trailerseries on November 8, when the company will celebrate its 50th anniversary, but this event is still a month and a half away, so it is quite possible that on September 26 we will be shown another teaser, or more details about the future project, to warm up the interest of the audience.

Independent online Factions mode, which is based on The Last of Us Part II

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Neil Druckmann has previously stated that the studiodevelops an independent online game based on TLoU II. And the only thing we know at the moment: concept art and information that Factions will have its own story, a big city and new characters, and they promised to provide more details later.

Announcement of The Last of Us Part II Director's Cut

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Renowned gaming journalist Tom Henderson (TomHenderson, back in January, said that a director's cut of The Last of Us Part II was in the works, but there was no information about it. If the studio is indeed working on a version that further expands on Ellie and Abby's spooky adventure, then we'll be looking forward to the announcement as early as September 26th.

Merch by The Last of Us

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'Outbreak Day' of 2021 was not without an announcementnew figures, t-shirts and other merchandise that fans of the series will eagerly purchase, so this is definitely to be expected, but there are hopes that this year Naughty Dog will be able to show something more than figures of long-familiar characters.

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For those who are not in the know

“Outbreak Day” is an event in The Last of Us,which happened on September 26, 2013 with an outbreak of cordyceps infection that changed the world to “before” and “after”. In honor of this day, every year the creators of the game hold a special event where they give the fan even more immersion in the universe of the game.

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