Netflix has published a teaser for a new series on the game Resident Evil

Recall that at the end of August it became known that the popular streaming service Netflix is ​​preparing a series based on

the horror game Resident Evil. Now the company has shared the first teaser of the new tape.

The teaser was shown by representativesNetflix and Capcom during the Tokyo Games Show 2020. The animated series, called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, will be released next year exclusively on Netflix. It is known that the protagonists, as well as in the game, will be Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The project was produced by game designer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who, by the way, worked on the first game of the cult Resident Evil franchise.

It is assumed that in the first season about eight episodes will be released. Unfortunately, the exact release date of the mini-series is unknown.