Netflix showed the trailer for The Witcher series, revealing details about the first season

At the last Comic-Con, visitors were shown the first trailer for The Witcher series from Netflix.

What is known

From the two-minute video, viewers learned what to expectin the first season. So, in the series we will see the life of Geralt, his acquaintance with Ciri, as well as the early years of Yennefer, when she had not yet changed her appearance. Note that the trailer included footage directly referencing episodes from the books, so fans of the saga may be satisfied with the plot.

The show's creators have also spilled the beans on details about the first season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series showrunner Lauren Hissrich said that viewers can expect a “direct adaptation of the book.”

"We're not doing a video game adaptation, it's a directadaptation of books... There are many epic moments in the book saga from which it all begins. Short stories provided the basis for world-building, laying the foundation for the Continent, its politics, and providing insight into the people who live there. That became the focus of the first season,” Hissrich said.

The showrunner also confirmed that viewers will be treated to an adult story in which sex or murder will not only be shocking.

“This is a very adult show.I will add that it was important to me that any violence or sex moved the story and not just provided shock value. I think the audience is really savvy and knows when we're doing something to just shock them and when it's really moving the story forward,” the showrunner added.

Hissrich also intrigued readers with detailsabout local villains. According to the screenwriter, there will be no villain in the series. At the same time, characters will appear on screen who may change by the end of the episode or season.

“The characters you empathize with at first, inthe end may turn out to be different. And those characters that you hate and consider evil are driven by something very understandable, both human and emotional... I think in the end you will feel sympathy for characters you didn’t expect to feel it for,” Hissrich said.