New life for Dualshock 4: Sony introduced an expansion for PlayStation 4 controllers for $30

At the end of the eighth generation, Sony decided to refresh the PlayStation 4 controllers with the addition of the Dualshock 4 add-on.


The Japanese company announced The Back ButtonAttachment, which gamers have already nicknamed “a replacement for Scuf controllers.” The device attaches to the bottom of the gamepad, adding two customizable triggers. According to Sony, players will be able to remap up to 16 action buttons, like Triangle, X, R1 or R2, and so on. Third-party PS4 controllers can boast a similar feature, but now there is an “official solution” from Sony.

Located in the center of The Back Button AttachmentAn OLED display that displays gamepad buttons programmed to trigger presses. In addition, the device can save up to three profiles with settings that can be changed by double-clicking on the display. Since the Button Attachment is attached to the bottom of the Dualshock 4, the engineers left an output for connecting a headset.








According to Sony, the add-on is designed for gamers who like to compete, giving more control over the game.

The Back Button Attachment hits shelvesAmerican stores on January 23 with a price tag of $29.99. Europeans will be able to buy the device from February 14 at a price of €29.99. We can say that Sony has presented an excellent alternative to Scuf controllers, as players get almost the same functionality for a lower price.

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