New threat to gaming industry's biggest deal: Swedish company accuses Bobby Kotick and Phil Spencer of collusion and sues Microsoft and Activision Blizzard

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While regulators in 16 countries are considering the potential implications of the deal

between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, andсделка вызывает много вопросов и, как утверждают некоторые инсайдеры, находится под угрозой срыва, появился еще один серьезный вызов планам Фила Спенсера (Phil Spencer) и Бобби Котика (Bobby Kotick).

What is known

The authoritative publication Bloomberg Law reports that the American giants were sued by Sjunde AP-Fonden, a company owned by the Swedish government.

The fact is that Sjunde AP-Fonden is a largeshareholder of Activision Blizzard and believes that the huge scandal that preceded the announcement of the deal was the most beneficial for both companies to significantly reduce the value of shares.

Plus, CEO Bobby Kotick,which, we recall, was at the center of the scandal associated with the constant harassment and unhealthy working atmosphere at Activision Blizzard, received certain preferences and benefits through a deal with Microsoft. A takeover of his company would allow Kotick to hush up the case, avoid liability, and protect himself from potential lawsuits.

In a 205 page document, the Swedes from SjundeAP-Fonden is making a well-reasoned claim not only to Microsoft and Kotick, but to the entire Activision Blizzard board of directors of criminal conspiracy and deliberately drafting the terms of the deal in such a way as to protect Bobby Kotick from liability.

Microsoft deliberately used the scandal withharassment and his commercial advantage over Activision in order to offer Kitty a way to save his own skin. The corporation colluded with Kotick and the board to help them avoid the personal and professional consequences of this scandal.