Nikola Motors will launch an electric truck with a hydrogen battery and a power reserve of 1,600 km

Tests of new unmanned aerial vehicles will begin in 2020 in Norway. In the future, they plan to sell the truck in

Scandinavia, Australia and Asia. The exact date of release of the truck is not disclosed.

In November last year, Nikola Motors presentedThe concept of beskapotnogo tractor Tre. It will be available in several trim levels - at the maximum its capacity will be 1 thousand horsepower, and the power reserve will range from 500 to 1.2 thousand km, depending on the weight of the load.

Fast charging technology is also integrated in the tractor. It will allow the truck to travel up to 100 km after 20 minutes of battery charging. Tre cost is not disclosed.

Earlier, Nikola introduced four models.electric all-terrain vehicles NZT with a maximum engine power of 590 horsepower. This is 3.5 times more than the nearest competitor in the category of off-road electric vehicles.