Nintendo turns 130 years old: history and major achievements of the “Big N”

Today, September 23, 2019, Nintendo celebrates its 130th anniversary. Gagadget congratulates the company on its anniversary and remembers

the main achievements of the Big N.

Where did it all start?

The company's activities began on September 23, 1889year, and it was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo Company Limited originally sold hanafuda playing cards. This continued for a little over 40 years until the company took up the business of taxis, “love hotels,” selling instant rice and toys.

In 1970, Nintendo took its first step into gamingbusiness by releasing a light gun for the Magnavox Odyssey console. Seven years later, the company merged with Mitsubishi and created its own set-top box, Color TV-Game 6, into which six variations of electronic pong were embedded.

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Oldest gaming company

In 130 years, Nintendo has released 10 consoles, ifdo not count revisions. The company's most popular console was the Nintendo DS, which sold 154.02 million copies. In second place are the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, which fell into the hands of 118.69 million gamers. The third best console was the Wii, with 101.63 million copies sold. As for the Nintendo Switch, the company sold 36.87 million units in two years.


The company's most successful game was Wii Sports,which sold 82,870,000 copies. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 remains the highest rated game according to Metacritic. The project received 99 points from journalists, and 9.1 from gamers. Nintendo itself ranks 21st on Forbes' list of the best companies.