Not to be called cute: the design of Xiaomi 13 Pro is revealed by a live photo

It's no secret that the debut of the flagship Xiaomi 13 series this year will be unusually early - already in the second half.

november.Recently, the devices have gone to the mass production stage, which has already paid off: a live shot of one of the Xiaomi 13 models has scattered on Weibo. To say that the designer decided to take a break this year is to say nothing, since the device looks more like a half-brother of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, than the heir to the neat Xiaomi 12.

A large block of cameras seriously protrudes from the body andIt contains three sensors, which may indicate that we have Xiaomi 13 Pro in front of us - recall that there are rumors about only two cameras in the base Xiaomi 13. You can also see a dual LED flash and a mention of a fast laser autofocus system. Also, now we know that one of the colorways will be glossy graphite or something like that. How do you like the new one?

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