NVIDIA first releases processor for supercomputer computing

Grace is a processor for fast processing of large amounts of data for use in the training process

artificial intelligence models.

It is suitable for systems based on"Giant AI" that control automated and robotic factories, as well as "smart" cities with hundreds of thousands of sensors, sensors and other IoT devices.

As the company itself assures, the chip will be 10 timesOutperforms the most advanced competing chips on the market today for ultra-complex computing. And its throughput will reach 900 Gbps, which is "30 times higher than today's fastest servers."

Data exchange with RAM at a speed of up to 500 GB / s, and connection to the GPU is carried out via the NVLINK bus at a speed of up to 900 GB / s.

Swiss National Supercomputing Center(CSCS) and Los Alamos National Laboratory USA will be the first organizations to build new supercomputers based on NVIDIA Grace processors.

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