Officially: Huawei will start installing HarmonyOS on its smartphones in 2020

Huawei after the announcement of the operating system HarmonyOS said that in the near future does not plan

install it on your smartphones, but it looks like plans have changed.

What is known

Software Development PresidentHuawei Wang Chenglu told reporters that the first HarmonyOS smartphones will come out next year. It is interesting that not only devices in China will receive it, but also in the global market. The source code of the OS was promised to be published in August 2020.

Huawei's solution to start producing smartphones fasterwith its own OS does not mean that the company is going to replace Android. According to Chenglu, the Google operating system is still a top priority for the Chinese manufacturer.

Recall, the network recently appeared details about the flagship Huawei P40. Perhaps he will be the first smartphone on the market with HarmonyOS.

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