On its 15th anniversary, World of Warcraft will receive three new raids and the “old school” Alterac Valley

Already on November 23, 2019, World of Warcraft will be 15 years old, and the developers decided to celebrate this date with the future


What is known

In November, three raids will be added to the game, duringwhich players will face enemies from past additions. In addition, the classic Alterac Valley will return to World of Warcraft, the battlefield of the Watchmen of Thunderstorm and the clan of the Northern Wolf fighting for supremacy in the region. This location has changed with the updates of the game, but it seems that Blizzard will return to her the "old school" view of the celebration period.

“Throughout the event you will be able totake part in three unique raids with legendary opponents from past extensions, as well as visit the battlefield in Alterac Valley, inspired by the old school, ”wrote a public relations manager.

Players who will win nine raid bosses,will receive the Obsidian Destroyer of Worlds. At the same time, glancing at Alterac Valley and completing the quest, gamers will get pets: The Warhorse of the Clan of Thunderstorm (Alliance) and Snow Wolf (Horde). Players who even enter WoW during the celebration will receive Little Blackwing.

The update will also add a raid "Firelands" (Firelands), and a new mod that will allow players to more easily find companions to complete quests.