OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X: speed test

OnePlus 6 went on sale in almost all major countries this week. This is a “budget flagship smartphone,” and

it costs almost half the size of the iPhone X. But will the OnePlus 6 be able to overtake the Apple flagship in speed, despite its low price?

As the EverythingApplePro speed test showed,OnePlus 6 was faster than the iPhone X. In the first block of tests, OnePlus 6 was a little slower than the iPhone X, but it managed to get ahead in processing video and downloading applications from RAM. OnePlus 6 can have up to 8GB of RAM, so it’s just a multitasking monster, which can’t be said about the iPhone X with 3GB of RAM.



The same tests were carried out with the iPhone X with the animation turned off, and so he managed the first block of tests in just 1 minute 54 seconds, and OnePlus 6 took already 2 minutes 21 seconds.

However, OnePlus 6 turned out to be downloading applicationsfaster with Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Maps. On the video, the difference seems very slight, but in everyday use it will be felt.



In benchmark tests, the OnePlus 6 processor wascompletely defeated by the iPhone X A11 Bionic processor. This is not the case with the GPU test, in which the OnePlus 6 again pulled ahead due to the lower screen resolution.

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OnePlus 6 has its own recognition technologyfaces, but it works on the basis of one 16MP front camera. Because of this, the technology is not as secure as Apple's Face ID, but it works much faster. The difference is already noticeable, but imagine how it will feel when you unlock your smartphone dozens of times a day.

Surprisingly, despite being less powerfulprocessor, OnePlus 6 was able to overtake the iPhone X in some tests. The multitasking test showed once again that Apple should start adding at least 4GB of RAM to the iPhone so that they work properly.