Oneplus 7: the first official teaser

Besides folding smartphones with flexible screens from Samsung and Huawei, OnePlus is one of the most anticipated models

7.In fact, they want to look at folding ones and buy OnePlus, since the former have sky-high price tags. At the same time, OnePlus, without announcing or broadcasting its ambitions around the world, managed to officially position itself in the very attractive American market. Last year's flagship OnePlus 6T sold well through T-Mobile.

Consolidating success

This year is likely to be for OnePlussome consolidation of success, it is not enough to enter the market, you need to stay on it. The company is preparing to release two versions of the seven at once - standard and Pro version. The other day the first video was published. The official video teaser announces the imminent release of two new smartphones. The head of the company, Pete Lau, himself laid out a short video teaser, in which the name was mentioned, which was already intended. Images of the new generation of smartphones were accompanied by scant data.

At the same time in the teaser slyly beat the namessmartphones without uttering it once. And they made it so that part of the smartphone was visible in the form of the number seven. In the video you can see that the screen of the smartphone is curved, so, most likely, it showed the Pro version, since the standard modification of the display should be flat. But this is only a rumor. And the facts are such that the head of the company said that the smartphone will be very fast.


What are the development of new smartphones and without leaks. There are also a number of rumors, leaks, and insiders. The older version of the seven will receive a screen with a diagonal of 6.64 inches, the matrix is ​​used Super AMOLED with an almost gaming frequency of 90 hertz. Typically, smartphones use displays with a frequency of no more than 60 hertz, so plus one already exists. Especially this moment will really appeal to gamers, fans of mobile games, because such a screen will give them a smoother visualization.

The basis of the iron filling, of course, will beQualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 855 chipset. Some versions of the Galaxy S10 also work on this processor. To help the processor in a smartphone installed 8 gigabytes of RAM, and both versions will receive such volume. As for the performance of such a bundle, there is currently no such application, which would have used at least half of the power of this mobile processor. Any tasks will be solved quickly and smoothly.

Previously passed information about the display OnePlus 7,it will not have a curvature, 2.5D effect will get only 7 Pro. If so, then the design of the seven will strongly overlap with the previous generation - OnePlus 6T. The screen will have a small cutout for the camera, while the main camera will receive two modules.

As for the cameras on the Pro version, there are rumorsThat the smartphone will receive a sliding module. This will make the screen completely frameless, increasing its usable area on the front panel to the maximum, without any bangs, holes and cuts. The main camera of the "proshki" will have three modules. Autonomy will provide a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, while the standard version of the battery will have a capacity of 3700 mAh.

release date

While official messages about the timingThe release of the next generation of flagship brand, no. But there is information from insiders that the company is officially going to announce new items in mid-May. As for the start of sales, the company OnePlus, they always began shortly after the official announcement. This means that buyers will see them in May (at least in some countries). As far as price tags, there are no official prices either, presumably these will be price tags for $ 600 and $ 700.