OnePlus 7T received Oxygen OS update, while OnePlus 7T Prо has screen problems

OnePlus has released a firmware update for its OnePlus 7T flagships.

What changed

The owners

smartphones began to receive a fresh update of Oxygen True, the update is spreading in waves, so some regions will have to wait.

Together with the firmware, OnePlus 7T received the Novembersecurity patch, camera improvements, bug fixes. The manufacturer also improved the startup speed of some applications, optimized memory management and improved system stability.

What's With OnePlus 7T Prо

But the owners of OnePlus 7T Prо smartphones began to receive complaints. Users are unhappy with the adaptive screen brightness.

So, auto brightness does not always work as it should: for example, in direct sunlight, the system reduces brightness, and as a result, nothing is visible on the screen.

Users are forced to turn off this feature and adjust the brightness automatically. It seems that OnePlus needs to solve this problem with an update.

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