OnePlus allows you to sink OnePlus 7 in a bucket of water, but does not guarantee water protection

The OnePlus company is in full swing preparing for the presentation of the new flagships of OnePlus 7, in full swing advertising their capabilities. And one

Of the controversial chips of the smartphone is its water resistance.

Does not sink

As proof, the manufacturer made a video in which one of the models of the OnePlus 7 line (which one is not specified) is dipped into a bucket of water.

Thus, the company declares water protection of its flagship. But at the same time, it adds that OnePlus 7 has no IP protection level.

That is, it is as possible to sink the gadget, but the official guarantee for water damage does not apply. Therefore, it is better not to repeat this trick at home.

Why is that?

Looks like OnePlus just decided to save oncertification. Most likely, the P2i water-repellent coating and the insulation of the buttons and connectors were used instead. Whether the retractable front camera is securely protected is unclear.

"We know that IP rating would be the easiesta way to prove the capabilities of our phone, but certification does not help bring our attention to the actual experience of use. Therefore, we created this video to show you what our water protection quality can really mean to you in real life, ”says OnePlus.

Recall the same story was with last yearOneplus 6T. He also did not have the official IP classification, but he experienced diving into the water easily, which both the video bloggers and the users themselves repeatedly proved.