OnePlus Buds - headphones that could surprise me

In addition to OnePlus Nord 5G, the company from China also officially presented its version a few days ago

wireless headphones - OnePlus Buds. The accessory can really amaze you with its battery capabilities, namely full charge time, battery life and price. We will explain in more detail below.

OnePlus Buds

What to hide, we have been waiting for a long time from thisof the release of wireless headphones, because most of the manufacturers have already released their similar alternatives, and some even have several versions. There were a lot of rumors around OnePlus Buds, so the design does not surprise us at all - we have already seen all this in the leaks on the web.

But, as mentioned above, wirelessThe OnePlus Buds surprised us a lot with the price, battery life and charging speed. It's worth noting here that users have a pretty good choice between the blue, white or gray version of the OnePlus Buds.

The accessory doesn't look like Apple in its designAirpods, this is good, because there are already plenty of copies on the market. The OnePlus Buds' body resembles a small hair dryer. Silicone tips are not provided here. There is no wireless charging available here, but OnePlus has said it has environmental noise canceling.

Here are some of the features of the OnePlus Buds:

  • In just 10 minutes you can charge the headphones for another 10 hours of listening
  • headphones + case - a full charge is enough for listening for 30 hours

The price of new items is $ 79. Below you can also compare popular headphone models by price, battery life.You can also see the comparative table of the characteristics of headphones from different brands.