OnePlus starts paying hackers to hack their smartphones

After several hacks and data leaks, OnePlus has launched a Bug Bounty program that provides

payment of rewards for detected vulnerabilities.

To whom and how much

The minimum reward amount is $50, the maximum is $7,000. According to company representatives, the amount is “determined based on the severity of the vulnerability and the actual impact on the business.”

  • special cases - up to $7,000
  • critical - $750-$1,500
  • large - $250-$750
  • average - $100-$250
  • small - $50-$100

You will be paid for reporting vulnerabilities and problems in the security system of smartphones and the OnePlus website.

The company will also maintain a rating and identify users who have identified the largest number of vulnerabilities.

OnePlus' partner in this project was the startup HackerOne.

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