Online libel is now criminalized

The author of the bill was the deputy from United Russia Dmitry Vyatkin. In his opinion, it is necessary to protect

Russians from the dissemination of knowingly false and compromising information on the Internet.

Changes have been made to Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Libel"): earlier it assumed criminal liability only for libel, which is contained in public speeches, public demonstrations of works, as well as in the media. However, now it deals with liability for libel, which is committed in public when using information and telecommunication networks, in particular the Internet.

Also, now not only individuals, but also a group of people participating in the offense can fall under it.

Slander that a person suffers from a disease,dangerous to others, threatens with imprisonment for up to four years. The maximum punishment - up to five years' imprisonment or a 5 million rubles fine - is provided for libel about the commission by a citizen of a sexual offense or any other grave or especially grave crime.

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