Ophthalmologists in Taiwan found several live bees in a woman's eye that fed on her tears! ?

For several days, the girl believed that she had contracted an eye infection - her eyes hurt and tears flowed heavily.

At the hospital, doctors removed four live bees from under her eyelid, which had been feeding on her salty tears all this time.

According to doctors from Fuyin University Hospital in Taiwan, this is the first time that bees have lived for several days in a person and have been removed while still alive.

Sore woman's eye

I saw something similar to insect legs, so slowly pulling them out under a microscope, one by one, without damaging the body.

Doctor Hung Citin

It’s not completely clear how the bees got into the eyesto the girl. Most likely, the day before the hospital, Xe went to the cemetery, where she swept the graves of relatives. At one moment something hit her in the eye. Thinking that it was just dirt, she washed them with water and practically did not rub until the evening, until they began to swell.

According to the doctor, He wore contact lenses, which allowed her to maintain her eyesight. If she rubbed her eyes hard, it would probably lead to blindness.