OPPO Enco X: TWS Active Noise Canceling Headphones Created with Dynaudio

OPPO today unveiled the Enco X wireless headphones, created in partnership with Danish

speaker manufacturer Dynaudio.

What can

Outwardly, OPPO Enco X resembles AirPods Pro, butare cheaper. Dynaudio's chief acoustic designer, Daniel Emonts, worked on the sound, so it's great here. Promise high quality audio with low latency: thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 support, latency is only 94ms.

The headphones have an active canceling system witha pair of microphones and three modes. You can turn off ambient noise completely, select low noise reduction, or turn on "transparent mode" to hear ambient sounds. If desired, the noise reduction can be turned off altogether.

The case is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP54 standard. Battery life is up to 4 hours with noise canceling on and 5.5 hours without it. The charging case extends this time to 20 and 25 hours, respectively.


OPPO Enco X was priced at $ 150. Available in three colors: black, white and mint.