Others too! Nothing responded to criticism of green light Phone (1)

While the first owners of Nothing Phone (1) are outraged by the crooked assembly and the “cancer” of the device’s screen, Nothing itself decided

respond to the very first of the discoveredproblems (and, concurrently, the most massive). This, of course, is about green-pink light on a dark background, which is quite typical for inexpensive OLED panels. The brand contacted Android Authority to issue the following statement:

“For understanding, all OLED screens tend to greenbacklighting when the brightness level is set too low is not a Phone 1-exclusive issue. We know this has affected some customers, but the numbers are very few. Our standards are very high and this is not the kind of experience we want to give our clients. We are working hard to resolve this issue and recalibrate the display effect in the next software update. In the meantime, we encourage affected users to contact our customer support team and request a replacement.”

In the meantime, the first owners of the device are reporting three new issues with the Nothing Phone (1).

    © Vladimir Kovalev.

    Sourced from androidauthority.com