Panasonic showed its futuristic concepts at IFA 2019

The Japanese company Panasonic managed to dilute the established household character of the exhibition with a consumer one.

electronics of the current year IFA, presenting theirtechnology concepts and futuristic ideas. All exhibited developments are, in fact, ready-made pre-production versions of future useful devices for humans. In any case, there is a chance to see them in stores in the coming years. All these devices are united by the concept of a smart home, which collects information about its owner using various sensors and, based on this data, makes a person’s life as comfortable and healthy as possible.

TONE improves skin appearance

The developers of the company know a lot about beauty, and theyunderstand that the most important part of the body is the skin, which even in terms of weight makes up 15 percent of the total mass of a person. And the area, so it's all a hundred. By the state of the skin, the age of a person is immediately visible, this is especially noticeable on the skin on the neck, and this is very worrying for people, in particular, the beautiful half of humanity. But they wear a neckline, dresses with an open neck. So, the Japanese came up with a device that can make the skin smoother, younger looking. In appearance, this is a bezel that hangs on the neck or on a futuristic design headphones. True, they emit not sound, but light waves of the red spectrum, as well as microscopic clouds of water vapor. All these flows are regulated, the intensity changes at the request of the user, based on the mood of the skin condition, external conditions (temperature, humidity and so on). How does this help? If you wear the gadget constantly, then the skin (your body) begins to intensively produce its own collagen, which significantly improves the condition and, accordingly, the appearance of the skin. Wrinkles really disappear, the color improves.

GROW will improve hair

This device also looks like a bezel whenthe user puts it on, then it scans the condition of the hair and scalp for a variety of parameters, including the condition of the bulbs, their number, dryness, irritation, and so on. Based on these data, a smart bezel forms a radiation of a certain intensity and wavelength. This stimulates hair growth, improves their condition, and also takes care of the scalp. In this case, the rim is intended mainly for men. Who worry that their hair is already starting to thin out a little. However, to increase the volume, healthy shine and health of the scalp, women will not refuse this device.

SHOT for smart smoothies

The device looks very stylish, and willLook great in any kitchen. In this case, the device provides information about the well-being and health of the user. For the state of health, the smart device selects a special recipe for smoothies and other drinks that are prepared with those ingredients that the body may need at the moment. Of course, the device does not take everything from the ceiling, a person’s condition is assessed using sensors and sensors of the entire smart home, and there is also a camera integrated in the device. In general, based on all the information collected, SHOT gives you a smoothie recipe that is relevant to your condition, which contains vegetables, fruits and vitamin complexes. You just add water and the health drink is ready. The device can be controlled remotely using a smartphone application.

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