Passengers of the Beijing metro will lower the social rating for rudeness and playing on a smartphone without headphones

Since the beginning of 2018, the social rating system has been undergoing limited testing in several regions

China.It operates at its most brutal in Xinjiang, a predominantly Muslim region bordering Kyrgyzstan. The system affects all of a person’s capabilities, from the right to use government services to the ability to start a business or get a job.

For violations of the law, followed by the systemface recognition, citizens are awarded points. The more of them, the lower the person’s rating. Points are awarded for crossing the road in the wrong place, smoking in airplanes and high-speed trains, and other offenses.

In addition to the idea of ​​reducing the social rating for rudenessand travel without a ticket, officials proposed fining passengers who play on a smartphone without headphones or lean on the handrail with their whole body, preventing others from grabbing it.

If citizens want to restore theirsocial rating, they will have to work as volunteers in the Beijing metro. The time of correctional work depends on the nature of the violations, the transport company noted.

Earlier in Zhejiang China beganpilot project for registration of 10 million able-bodied citizens in the social rating system. Each participant in the system will be assigned points, and the rating can be lowered if the employee often changes jobs.