PayPal broke off collaboration with Pornhub and left 18+ video authors without money

International payment system PayPal announced the termination of cooperation with the largest in the world

porn site PornHub.


PayPal said they found “making business payments without proper permissions,” and therefore decided to break the contract with Pornhub.

In fact, the payment system prohibitsassociate with her activities related to “sexually explicit materials or services”. Despite this, for a long time Pornhub worked with PayPal.

As it turned out, the reason for the breakdown of cooperationbecome payments to the authors of Pornhub. The site allows users to upload their own videos, and then monetize them. Almost like from YouTube, only in category 18+. And the authors received money for views through PayPal.

What now

“We are all upset by PayPal’s decision to stop paying more than 100,000 authors who relied on this system as their primary means of generating revenue,” said Pornhub.

They say that payment system supportwill end on November 17th. After that, the authors of the “strawberry” will be able to choose other payment methods: checks, direct deposits, Paxum e-wallet or Verge cryptocurrency.

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