People already live in heat stress on the brink of human survival

A group of researchers from Monash University and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia found that

some people who are in tropical regions already live under heat stress. The problem is that they are approaching the upper limits of human survival.

Climate models used forPredictions of thermal conditions around the world are usually based on data from weather stations in relatively densely populated areas. They do not include conditions for people who live in so-called informal settlements. To remedy the situation, scientists have placed heat sensors in about 100 homes in Makassar, Indonesia, a settlement in the tropical part of the country. The researchers suggest that conditions in Makassar are likely typical of many of these settlements in the tropics, areas of about 370 million people in East and Southeast Asia alone.

It turned out that during the rainy season 80%sensors recorded a temperature that was above the set health thresholds. At this temperature and humidity, conditions are believed to have an adverse effect on human health. In several cases, the sensors recorded temperatures that represent the upper limit of human survival.

Millions of people living in many parts of the worldalready live in heat conditions that are harmful to their health. Many of them are actively engaged in manual labor in order to survive. The authors of the work noted that conditions in such places will worsen as the planet continues to heat up.

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