PlayStation 5 taught to download games faster than the previous generation

Already this week, sales of the brand new PlayStation 5 will start in selected countries, including Russia, to

Unfortunately, I didn't get it. And now, on the eve of such a major launch, information appeared on the network that the PlayStation 5 was taught to download games faster than the previous generation.

Enthusiasts who already have a newconsole Sony, stated that on their PS5 a 6.58GB game loaded in just 1 minute and 58 seconds. The game, weighing 36.6 GB, took 7 minutes and 1 second. In turn, in order to download exactly the same games, PS4 spent 10 minutes and 24 seconds and 58 minutes and 34 seconds, respectively. Thus, the new console from the Japanese increased the speed of downloading games from the network by about 5-8 times compared to its predecessor, which is clearly good news.

Recall that in Russia the start of sales of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for November 19. The price of the game console will be 46,999 rubles for the version with a floppy drive and 37,999 for the version without an optical drive.