PlayStation 5 will be cheaper than the new Xbox

Tomorrow, September 16, there will be a new Sony presentation dedicated to its next generation console.

It is expected that the price of the long-awaited novelty will be announced there. And now, on the eve of the event, information appeared on the network that the PlayStation 5 would still be cheaper than the new Xbox.

So, according to data published by the analystMasahiro Wakasugi, the "older" version of the PlayStation 5, the one with an optical drive, will cost customers $ 449, which is $ 50 cheaper than the price of the upcoming Xbox Series X - Microsoft officially requested $ 499 for it at launch. Thus, the new console from the Japanese corporation will be sold at an ultra-low price, which could lead to tangible problems for it in the future. As for the price for the “non-drive” version of the console, according to the same source, it will be given for 399 dollars. Considering that, unlike the Xbox Series S, this modification of the game console will not be inferior to the full-fledged PlayStation 5 in absolutely nothing, such a low price of the novelty seems to be something unrealistic.

Recall that the start of sales of the new Xbox is scheduled forNovember 10, 2020. When the next generation consoles from Sony will be released is still unknown. Perhaps the company will talk about this as part of its presentation tomorrow.