PlayStation 5 will be released only in 2020, but Sony has already patented the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10

Sony plans to release the PlayStation 5 in the winter of 2020. The console has not yet gone on sale, but the company already believes

into success and making plans for five generations ahead.

What is known

Gematsu noticed that Sony registered inJapan has five brands - PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. Apparently, the company not only believes in the success of consoles, but is not going to change the name of the line. Microsoft has already managed to discourage fans by releasing the Xbox, Xbox 360, and then the Xbox One, but Sony fans are not threatened by this development. It is interesting that the Japanese were not afraid of the numbers 9, like the same Microsoft and Apple, given that in the land of the rising sun it means "torment."

It is also worth noting that Sony is not the first to register the name of consoles for the future. In 2006, the company took back the PS4 and PS5 brands:

  • PS - registered in 2000, and released in 1994.
  • PS2 - registered in 1999, and released in 2000.
  • PS3 - registered in 2005, and released in 2006.
  • PS4 - registered in 2006, and released in 2013.
  • PS5 - registered in 2006, and released in 2020.