Polaris will create a battery-powered snowmobile

Polaris and Zero have announced a partnership to create the next generation of rugged off-road vehicles,

that do not harm the environment. The companies have signed a 10-year exclusive contract to build an all-electric SUV and snowmobile, with the first models to be available by the end of 2021. Engineers hope that early adopters will be able to buy devices by 2025.

In addition, Polaris produces the mosta variety of vehicles - from snowmobiles and ATVs to military vehicles and boats. It also owns sub-brands such as Indian Motorcycle, GEM and Aixam, as well as tricycle manufacturer Slingshot. Zero makes several electric bikes, including the SR / F.

Four of Japan's largest motorcycle manufacturers begin testing electric batteries

Polaris has already announced its intentionsto produce environmentally friendly modes of transport. For example, the company bought Global Electric Motorcars in 2011, a manufacturer of low-speed, eco-friendly cars (such as golf karts). In the same year, it bought Goupil, a French electric truck manufacturer, and in 2015, Brammo, an electric motor company.

Earlier, researchers from Japan began testinga system of electric batteries that they will install on motorcycles in 2021. The technology will be tested at Osaka University during the year. Testing of the new replaceable battery will take place at Osaka City University in an experiment called "e-Yan OSAKA". Engineers will use electric motorcycles, and battery-powered replacement stations will be installed throughout the campus and in nearby stores.

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