Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation and Honeywell are not interested in developing an engine for supersonic aircraft Boom Overture

The problems of the supersonic liner Overture do not end there. Several large companies have announced

lack of interest in developing an engine for an aircraft.

What is known

In early September, Rolls Royce announced it was withdrawing fromproject. The reasons were not the best financial performance of the company from the UK. Following it, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation, Honeywell and Safran Aircraft Engines reported that they were also not interested in a supersonic aircraft.

Boom stated that the project is stillis in the process of implementation. The manufacturer intends to announce a new engine partner in the near future. Representatives of the company added that this will happen before the end of this year.

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Although the leading manufacturersengines refused to take part in the Overture project, Boom is optimistic about the future. The company already has orders from American Airlines and United Airlines for a total of 35 aircraft. It plans to build a plant in California and begin passenger service by 2029.

International Civil Aviation Organizationrecently denounced the development of supersonic aircraft as they would consume 7 to 9 times more fuel per passenger per km than subsonic aircraft. Boom said it offsets its carbon footprint by using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). However, the regulator claims that there will be an inefficient flow of SAF.