Presentation of new services from Apple

Apple held another event where a grand presentation of new products took place

(mainly services) of the Cupertino corporation.As many experts expected, Apple decided that it could easily compete with Netflix, as well as Hulu and Amazon services. To do this, the company is launching its own service, succinctly called TV+.

New TV service

The company will have its own exclusivetelevision shows featuring various celebrities and Hollywood talents. All this for one purpose - to attract the maximum number of subscribers. In addition, TV + will also be a hub to which other channels can be connected. One new channel will cost an extra ten dollars a month. All channels will be available from the very start of the service. In fact, Apple is going to launch so many services that TV + will seem only a small tip of a huge iceberg. It also starts the news aggregator (or will they make the news themselves?) Apple News. And where without service for gamers - Apple Arcade.

At the start of TV + will have more than a hundred TV shows.and unique movies. For Apple will make content Spielberg, former top Oprah Winfrey, director Shyamalan, actress and producer Jennifer Aniston, and many others. While the price tags for the use of Jennifer Aniston are not announced, however, in May the company will issue its own application for this. It will support the channels of the previous Apple TV. In the application, the user can connect and third-party subscriptions. They will be available on all Apple devices and on other platforms for smart TV, including Samsung, LG and so on (which means that both the Android platform and webOS will be supported).


Apple News, in fact, in one form or anotherIt has been around for several years. Until now, the service has been a common center for the exchange of information. The new service will be a subscription, that is, paid, and without a subscription to it will not be available. But for ten dollars a month, the user gets access to three hundred different news publications, the most authoritative and popular in the United States and the world. Unfortunately, this service will not be cross-platform (for now), in order to get access to News +, you need an Apple device. The newsletter will be available first in the States and Canada, then Australia, Britain will connect.

Game service

Apple was the last of the world's cohortstechnology companies who try the gaming service in the style of Netflix. That is, for a monthly subscription, the user gets the opportunity to play many games. However, this will not be broadcast over the Internet, the company simply does not have such computing power. Games can simply be downloaded to your device and play, both locally in a mission, or in multiplayer via the Internet. How does this differ from already existing schemes? The fact that once paying, the user can no longer spend money on games, and download any, and play. Monthly payment gives access to all games that will be present in the service.

Also differences in games in service and in otherThe sources are that Apple's games will be clean, that is, they will not contain any advertising inside. Also, there will be no in-app purchases, so parents can not worry about the fact that their child spent all their money on breakfast for some artifacts within the game. Parental control will be integrated into the platform with which it will be possible to limit the time of games per day.

Another very interesting point - the game will beremember the moment, and switch to another device, will continue the game from the moment it was released on the previous device. There will also be a standalone mode for downloading to your computer. At the start, more than one hundred new games will be available, as well as several exclusives that can be played even on a smart TV. About the price tags for a subscription, too, is still unknown. The game service will be available worldwide.

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