Protected smartphone AGM A9: pocket armored boombox

Last year corrected something in the trend for rugged smartphones, now the devices lookNot how

military equipment for shooting down missiles, they become less brutal, and also weigh less.Manufacturers began to abandon massive plastic cases stylized as rivets or huge screws.The AGM A9 is just like that, with a real civilian appearance and full-fledged functionality.


Of course, the smartphone did not become elegant and the latest generations of glass smartphones, the AGM A9 feels sturdy and reliable, so easy to break, hard nut. The back panel feels more like a metal one to the touch, but this is only a sensation, the case itself is made of special supermolecular polyethylene, in general, something very durable and specific, there are aluminum inserts. The use of such materials greatly facilitated the smartphone, if it were just metal, the gadget would weigh twice as much. In addition, this material is almost impossible to scratch, on it, even when falling, no dents are formed.

In appearance, this is no longer a huge brick, capacious batterymakes it a little thicker than a regular smartphone, the battery, by the way, is 5400 mAh. Of course, the default IP68 standard is not afraid of water and dust, the military standard MILSTD810G is also assigned, one and a half meters for it, this is not a tragedy when it falls. And the USB port is open, but for some reason it is not afraid of water. Attention is drawn to a separate physical button for calling the voice assistant, the notification indicator is multicolored, for each type of notification its own color is convenient.


The screen has a diagonal of 6 inches, the resolution of the IPS matrix of Japan Display 2160×1080.The viewing angles are wide, the margin of brightness is enough even in the sun, the picture quality is without complaints.The front panel is fully protected by fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, the oleophobic coating is present, and of very good quality.

There is support for working with touchscreen gloves,the mode is activated manually, which increases the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Everything was tested and in winter thick gloves, everything works fine, only here the keyboard of the button does not increase, it is difficult to type text. But to answer an incoming call, or you can take a picture, you can even switch tracks.


The basis of the hardware stuffing armoredthe Snapdragon 450 Qualcomm processor lies on the smartphone, so the performance of the smartphone is quite decent. In any case, the interface and everyday applications work quickly and smoothly. RAM 4 gigabytes, 64 gigabyte drive. Such a bundle is enough for a lot, even to play at a leisure in not very resource-intensive games. In general, the smartphone will definitely not let the user get bored, if you play in modern tanks, then 60 frames is the average rate, so everything is comfortable.

The smartphone has great navigation modules likeSatellite Navigator A9 is simply indispensable, supports almost all GLONASS satellite systems as well. But that’s not all; an NFC module has been detected on the smartphone’s wireless interfaces. This module is certified by Google Pay, so everything works fine. There is also an FM module that works from an internal antenna, that is, it is not necessary to connect a headset.

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