Qualcomm: 100-megapixel cameras will appear soon

If you look at the mobile market, or more precisely, at the mobile camera market, we can already find smartphones with

cameras that received 48 sensorsmegapixels. Previously, buyers of conventional cameras were chasing them, but once they reached a certain level, megapixels stopped growing. But with smartphones it’s not like that. Many people understand that the number of megapixels is not a guarantee of a good camera and high-quality pictures. A smartphone with a 48-megapixel camera from Chinese manufacturers does not even come close in terms of shooting quality to the Pixel 3 from Google, and it has one camera with only 12 megapixel sensors. However, the race continues.

Megapixel growth

One of the top companies Qualcomm said thatThis time in the development of cameras with 64 megapixel sensors, as well as 100 megapixels. In general, a number of smartphone vendors have made such orders, and the first installments of monstrous cameras will appear in the near future. That is, such orders of megapixels, this is not some distant future, they are almost ready. How well these sensors will work, time will tell, maybe someone will take a quantity that can turn into quality.

In general, judging by the words of the Qualcomm manager,several manufacturers have already decided to release powerful camera phones this year. And the information seems to be correct, since the largest companies that produce smartphones turn to the chipmaker, because it is necessary that Qualcomm chipsets work in tandem with other components as smoothly as possible, so they know about most of the developments in the American company.

Progress does not stop

It seems that the chip maker prepared for this in advance,since its Snapdragon processor from model 660 to 855 is capable of working with sensors that have a resolution of 192 million pixels. The company already has a backlog, until such sensors appeared. The number of megapixels, of course, will affect the detail and some other parameters, but the quality of the shooting is still a lot of factors, including software. But the bet is made in the right direction, few potential buyers are not tempted to try a smartphone with such an outstanding camera.