Rage 2 will receive at least two paid add-ons

Avalanche and Bethesda have published the Rage 2 content calendar for 2019.

What is known

The fact that Rage 2 is a game for

single player does not mean her gamingthe process will remain static. Developers want to constantly develop the game and add new content, as is usually the case in multi-user projects. There are two paid additions to the plans: one in August (“Ghost Rise”) and one in November. Although the plot is not so much, we were promised new stories, areas and equipment for both additions.

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Fortunately, not everything will have to pay extra. Skins with weapons, world events, trials - all of them will be available during 2019. Thus, users will want to stay in the game even after the full passage.
Recall that the release of Rage 2 will be held on May 14.
Source: Engadget

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