Raji: An Ancient Epic - an action about an Indian girl who kicks ass to demons

Back in 2017, the studio Nodding Heads Games came to the Indian exhibition Nasscom Game Developer Conference. At the event

The developers showed the game Raji: An Ancient Epic, which raised money for Kickstarter, but did not attract enough attention. Thanks to GDC 2019, however, the developers found sponsors and showed gamers the result of their work.

What is known

Raji: An Ancient Epic - an action adventure about a girl named Raja, who was chosen by the gods to fight demons. The heroine went on a dangerous journey to save her brother and fight the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Raji's gameplay consists of puzzles,battles and parkour, which can also be used in battles. In the arsenal of the heroine, there are magical skills that vary depending on the god, whom Raji will worship. Gamers who managed to try out the game appreciated the efforts of Nodding Heads, and the studio received a cash prize as part of the Unreal Dev Grants program.

Raji: An Ancient Epic will be released in the first quarter of 2020, but players can already try out the demo version on Steam.