Raytheon has received $263.7 million for the production and supply of 619 AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II missiles for the Air Force, US Navy and foreign customers

American defense giant Raytheon received funds for the production and supply of the 23rd batch of missiles of the class

"air-to-air" AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II. The contract is for three years.

What is known

The US Department of Defense has allocated $263.7 million forproduction and delivery of 619 missiles, of which 48 units will be used for training. The customers are the US Air Force and Navy along with foreign clients.

The Air Force will receive the most AIM-9X Block II missilesUSA - 257 combat and 10 training. 91 combat and 62 training missiles will go to the US Navy. Foreign customers will receive 223 combat missiles (training missiles are not provided).

The contract must be completed by August 2026.Work will take place at Raytheon's factories in Utah, Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, California, Vermont, Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as at sites outside the continental United States.

Sale of AIM-9X Block II missiles to foreignerscustomers will be carried out under the Foreign Military Sales Program in accordance with the Arms Export Control Act.