Razer has released an electric SUV for gamers for $ 67,000

Razer and NIO have teamed up to release a special version of the ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition electric car.

It received a bright design from a gaming brand and good contents.

What it is

So, this is an electric SUV with Razer's signature green neon logo and Chroma lighting. There is a semi-automatic driving system NIO Pilot and an intelligent assistant NOMI.

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Inside there are two electric motors with a total power of 544 horsepower. It can accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour in just 4.7 seconds, and the braking distance from 100 km/h is 33.9 meters.

A battery with a capacity of 84 kWh is enough for 510 kilometers.

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For one such SUV they ask for $67,419. But there are a limited number of such cars - a total of 88 electric cars were produced.

ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition was presented at the ChinaJoy exhibition, sales will soon start in China. Whether the car will reach other countries is unknown.

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