Research: users spend 500 years a day on CAPTCHAs

The researchers found it takes an average 32 seconds for a user to pass a CAPTCHA. In the world

there are 4.6 billion users, withCAPTCHA is dropped on average every 10 days. According to their calculations and surveys, users around the world spend a total of about 500 years every day on CAPTCHAs alone.

The researchers said that this is a hugeamount of time and suggested not to use CAPTCHA. To do this, the user must be able to prove that he is a human, but without revealing his identity. This can be done, for example, with trusted USB keys (such as the YubiKey), which have been around for a long time, but more and more phones and computers are equipped with this feature by default.

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In many cases, companies need a way todetermine whether a user on the Internet is a human or not. As a rule, this is necessary for security and in order to prevent attackers from manipulating online services. The first such test was developed in 1997, and the term ("Fully Automated Public Turing Test for Distinguishing Computers and People") was coined in 2003.

However, the researchers note that this technologyoutdated. For example, Cloudflare is proposing to improve the technology so that services can automatically detect the behavior of robots. Before that, however, people will need to use the device, giving sites access to its brand. These will confirm that the user is a human.

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