Revealed a way to slow down aging: you just need to consume fewer calories

The results of a study conducted by specialists from Yale University showed that moderate

calorie restriction helps you live longer. This is because the body's production of the SPARC protein is reduced. Discuss

A group of scientists from Yale Universityfound that one way to slow down aging could be to change your diet. In particular, reducing the number of calories consumed. Experts have found that this helps to reduce the production of the SPARC protein. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Immunity.

A new study led byprofessor and director of the Yale Center for Aging Research Vishwa Deep Dixit. Scientists in this study analyzed data from one clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health. Some participants in this trial consumed 14% fewer calories, and some did not change their diet at all.

After one and two years, scientists noticed thatpeople who consumed fewer calories also had less SPARC protein in their bodies. This protein is associated with inflammation, diabetes, and obesity. Next, the experts found out how SPARC affects the overall health and immunity of mice.

It turned out that SPARC contributes to the appearance of inflammation. But with a decrease in the production of this protein, inflammation itself also decreased. In addition, the mice had improved health and metabolism.

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