Revealed the advantages of the Su-57 over American fighters

Military historian and retired colonel Yuri Knutov listed the advantages of the Russian fifth fighter

generation Su-57 in front of American aircraft.

In a column for Tsargrad TV, the expert wrote thatThe Su-57 is the most advanced in the world in every respect. The fighter boasts super-maneuverability, low visibility, and the ability to deploy hypersonic weapons.

The military historian noted that in the arsenal of the Su-57, most likely, there will be a Dagger missile. Then the range of the shot will increase by a thousand kilometers compared to the range of the MiG-31.

The electronics, which are installed on the Su-57, make it possible to control the Hunter drone and a group of Su-35 aircraft. “It turns out to be a real flying command post,” concluded the expert.

He also called the Su-57 the fastest serially produced aircraft in the world. In addition, the fighter's altitude performance is impressive.