Review Huawei P Smart 2019

The Huawei P Smart 2019 is a good smartphone with good cameras, and I turned it on to check if it really is

worth it.

Appearance and performance of Huawei P Smart 2019
Have you ever wondered "what a customerbuys "a smartphone that does not follow the industry news and does not read reviews of devices? Apparently, the three elements are key - it looks like a battery and a camera. In general, it sounds logical, after all, these are the most important problems in every smartphone, but many people question the beauty of the device. But when will this ordinary client have to choose almost identical in terms of capabilities and equipment, which you think will choose? Of course it's better. That is why manufacturers do two things - firstly, they follow fashion, which in the case of the latest smartphones means a deepening on the screen, they also try to make every effort so that the smartphone somehow catches the eye.

Nothing is different with the Huawei P Smart2019, which at first glance looks great, especially in the version that came to me for testing. Both the back and the frame connecting them to the screen have a blue-violet color and slightly change colors depending on how the light hits it. In the case of the Huawei brand, this is nothing new, but it still makes a big impression.

The smartphone has a nice rounded shape, which fits perfectly in the hand and creates the impression of a uniform shape. Gently only protruding rear camera is also a plus.

However, although visually it is difficult to attach tosomething, it somehow leaves much to be desired. It's all about the materials used. The backs look glassy, ​​but they have nothing to do with the glass. This is plastic, moreover, it is not protected at all, so after a few days I noticed visible scratches on the case. My advice? Immediately place the device, in any case, the case protection is at zero here. In general, the same as the screen, so I would not hurry with a photo of the film - I did not find information about how the glass is protected, and would rather not trust its durability.

On the right side is a volume button and a button.launch. On the rear panel, in addition to the two lenses of the camera and the lamp illuminating the round fingerprint reader, which operates on average, it is neither fast nor slow. The cool thing, however, is that the same reader can recognize simple gestures.

At the top we see a SIM card slot and a card.memory, and in the lower part - a rather average speaker mask, a 3.5 mm jack and a micro USB port. Welcome to the past! Of course, I always welcome the headphone jack with a smile, while microUSB in 2019 is what I’ll cling to. It will never be good if each manufacturer implements both solutions so freely and without reflections - I no longer know which cable to connect, and the microUSB only reminds me of some old smartphones or wireless headphones.

This SIM card slot is a hybrid of DUAL SIM. Thus, you can use two nanoSIM cards or one nanoSIM card and one microSD card.

Screen Huawei P Smart 2019
Probably no new smartphone, regardless ofThe price from which it is shipped does not ignore the frameless mod and padding at the top of the screen. Huawei P Smart 2019, fortunately, is a representative of this slightly cooler trend of tears / drops or, as they say ... smaller semicircular grooves on the front camera. It looks really good, and you quickly get used to the hidden part of the screen.

IPS display with a diagonal of 6.21 inches and resolution2340 × 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. Without HDR-like goodies, without OLEDA or SUPERAMOLED quality, but no one expected such solutions on the phone. I'm not sure that this is not only about my copy, but also at higher levels of brightness, on icons with great whiteness, they seem strangely burned to me. As a rule, the display is bright, while at maximum brightness the phone seems to glow like a flashlight, making some elements of the screen illegible.

The display is average, with a good indication thatOverall fits into this class of device. Colors are good, viewing angles as well as IPS. The above-mentioned camera is useful for face recognition, thanks to which you unlock the device. And here without surprises - in good lighting conditions the system works quickly and efficiently, but in low light it often has problems and you need to maintain a fingerprint scanner on your back.

Operating system Huawei P Smart 2019
The smartphone runs on Android 9 andEMUI 9. The presence of a new Android on a smartphone from this price shelf is worth assessing, many times I have encountered unpleasant disappointments and a lack of information about when the new system will be released on the debut phone.