Review: Sony Xperia T3 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

Sony recently officially unveiled a smartphoneXperia t3. It has mid-range characteristics and one

One of its highlights is the case thickness of only 7 mm. The phone will be available in various regions from the end of June.

We have video, Sony Xperia T3 vs SonyXperia Z2, focusing on the advantages of each of them. The price for the Xperia T3 (pictured) is still unknown, and the technical characteristics of the new product are also kept secret. Prices for the middle segment are expected. So it might seem strange to compare it to the latest flagship from  Sony, but it should be interesting.

Below, we have embedded videos from YouTube with total war, so we will focus on the highlights of the phone.

The video begins by demonstrating  the benefits.Xperia Z2 T3. Some of these include a 64% faster processor and a 4K video-capturing 1080p display. The next part of the video continues, showing the advantages of the T3 over the Z3, including the fact that it is 17% thinner and will be significantly cheaper. The comparison can be useful if specific aspects of the phone are important to you.

We recommend watching the video to get more interesting information. If you enjoyed our information, we would like to know what you liked best? .

Would you like to buy a cheaper Sony Xperia T3 or Xperia Z2 with its improved characteristics?