Robot Bartender Appears

Researchers have unveiled a robot bartender created by independent engineers. This assembly is from the group

Teknic Servo engineers - they showed a device that can be used in industry for automation. It can compete with industrial grade equipment.

This device is able to communicate withseveral servos and sensors. The controller is connected to ClearPath servers that rotate bottles, stir a beverage, or transport a glass of beverage through the machine. There are also several interlocks inside the unit to avoid contact of the visitor with the moving parts of the bartender during operation, and a standard bar-style mixer dispenser driven by solenoids for ease of operation. The selection and control of drinks is carried out using the touch screen, on which sliders are located to select parameters such as alcohol content and sweetness.

The device can prepare any cocktail.The researchers note that companies with a budget can automate many of the processes that previously had to be done manually. In addition, the plug-and-play system will work faster than similar traditional devices.

Earlier, researchers from Facebook presented a new method of storing information by artificial intelligence (AI). Each piece of data is automatically assigned an expiration date based on its importance.

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