Robot in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the United States will send Spot robots to Ukraine

The US Army uses two Spot robotic dogs. One of the dogs will soon go to help

Ukrainian military in the fight against the consequences of the occupation.

What is known

Foreign Policy with reference to owninformant, reports that the United States is ready to send one robotic dog to Ukraine. It will be used to clear the territory of our country from mines and unexploded cluster munitions. In particular, in Bucha and Irpin.

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Spot did well last year in thetests. He can drag unexploded ordnance (50-100 pieces at a time) using a robotic arm installed in place of his head. This will prevent people's lives from being put at risk.

Spot was first introduced back in 2016,although it went on sale about two years ago. The cost is just over $ 70,000. As part of the presentation, Boston Dynamics said it had no plans to cooperate with the military. Therefore, formally, the HALO Trust company will be engaged in demining the territories.

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Robodog is 110 cm long.LED indicators of operation status are installed on the front, and a set of interfaces on the back. Despite the fact that the robot has both a back and a front, it can move at the same speed in both directions (5.76 km / h). The Spot robot can also dance.

Source: Foreign Policy

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