Rockstar will breathe new life into Red Dead Online by adding a class system and Bandit Pass

Red Dead Online is already out of beta, and Rockstar is actively filling the game with content. This time the developers

plan to add a class system and a “combat pass”.

What is known

Red Dead Online players can now choosea matter to which life in the Wild West will be dedicated. If you dreamed of becoming a face of justice, then you can join the bounty hunters. Players with an entrepreneurial streak can engage in trade, and gamers who cannot live without secrets and valuables can become treasure seekers.

Following each of the roles, players will increaselevel of "class", getting new items, bonuses and useful skills. For example, hunters can learn tricks with a torsion of a revolver or improve the "Eagle Eye".

Red Dead Online will also feature a Battle Pass,which Rockstar decided to call the "Bandit Pass." For 35 gold bars, players acquire a certain membership in the club Wheeler, Rawson & Co., which is divided into 70 levels. Gaining experience and increasing the level, gamers will receive exclusive clothes, weapons ornaments and even gold worth up to 35 gold bars.

New classes with "Gang membership" will appearRed Dead Online is September 10th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The pass will be active from the day the update is released and will be valid until November 18. The accumulated rewards remain after the expiration of this period.