Roscosmos for the first time revealed the detailed characteristics of Russian super-heavy rockets for a flight to the moon

It is planned that Yenisei will become the first Russian rocket to go to the Moon in 2028. Development

rockets that can reach the Moon will be developed by RSC Energia, RSC Progress and the Khrunichev Center.

The draft Yenisei project will be defended as early as 2019year However, the rocket tests will begin no earlier than 2022, because only then it is planned to start using the Soyuz-5, on the engine of which the Yenisei will work.

The second super-heavy rocket, the Don, will be able to put up to 125-130 tons of cargo into Earth orbit, and up to 32 tons on the lunar one.

“The first rocket has a launch mass of 3167 tonsand is capable of delivering a payload weighing at least 100 tons to low Earth orbit, 26 tons to geostationary orbit, and 27 tons to the Moon. The second more powerful rocket has indicators of 3281 tons, 140 tons, 29.5 tons and 33 tons, respectively. "

Dmitry Rogozin

Earlier it was reported that the Russian booster rocket super heavy class "Yenisei" will be assembled on the principle of technological designer. Its each part should be an independent flight product.