Rumor: NVIDIA will release a new Shield TV on Android Pie and a processor like the Nintendo Switch

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has added a new NVIDIA console to its database.

What is known


nicknamed NVIDIA Corporation SHIELD AndroidTV Game Console P3430. Judging by the document, the device will receive support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networks, but these incredible technologies for 2019 are not the most interesting. According to Androidcentral journalists, the same device was listed on Google Play Developer (GPD) with the codename “mdarcy”, which indicates a new model in the line, because the current generation of SHIELD is called “darcy”.

Judging by the GPD page, the new console mayget the Tegra X1 T210 processor, which is also found in the Nintendo Switch and the current version of the Nvidia TV set-top box. According to Xda-developers, the “mdarcy” chip features support for the Android 9 Pie toolkit and runs on Linux 4.14 kernels. At the same time, this can only be a stub, and the console will acquire another modification of Tegra X1.

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The publication also reports that NVIDIA is working ona new controller and remote control for the TV set-top box, which were codenamed “stormcaster” and “Friday”, respectively. A third-party application developer was looking at the latest version of NVIDIA's public source code and found references to unknown devices. The company did not deny their existence, but noted that it had not yet released products with these code names.